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Sun Plaza Shopping Center

Sun Plaza – Sensational destination – 130 shops dedicated to food & fun area with easy access


  Womens fashion, Womens footwear
Ground Floor

IL PASSO is the name given to refinement and the latest trends, to the modern woman, strong and determined but sensitive, sophisticated, mysterious. Is the name of the confident, active, direct current man, who knows what she wants and makes no compromises. It is a mark of style and glamor, creating an intimate connection, with the precious product bearing IL PASSO.

Using a fine leather and quality, delicate, sophisticated, and applications with the greatest care for detail, we offer our customers products that respond to the need of style with a slight touch of extravagance.

  • ATM
  • Lift
  • Parcare
  • Scara Rulanta
  • Taxi
  • Toaleta
  • Travelator

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