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Sun Plaza Shopping Center

Sun Plaza – Sensational destination – 130 shops dedicated to food & fun area with easy access


  Accessories, Electronics, IT, Telecom
First Floor

March 2005. At the time, smartphones existed only in people’s minds, not in our pockets. And Youtube, e-books, hashtags, or Twitter were not invented either. That was how things were when we launched Quickmobile.

At our last inventory, over 150 brands of IT & C (Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Sony, Asus, Google, Ubtech, LG) or fashion (Jean Paul Gaultier, Guess, Kenzo, Moschino) were counted.

With Quickmobile products you can fill your basket if you visit our stores in shopping centers all over the country.

  • ATM
  • Lift
  • Parcare
  • Scara Rulanta
  • Taxi
  • Toaleta
  • Travelator

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