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ABOVE AND BEYOND Expo: Come and make the impossible possible

Sun Plaza wishes to offer its customers attractive, memorable and innovative experiences through the interaction with the exhibition components, at the same time encouraging them to aim higher, pursue their dreams and make the impossible possible.

For the first time in Romania, ABOVE AND BEYOND is the ultimate interactive and multisensory flight exhibition celebrating the power of innovation and the love for flight. From flying cars and supersonic planes to space elevators and mega-rockets, ABOVE AND BEYOND will take visitors faster, farther and higher for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The 578-square-meter exhibition will offer an unprecedented interactive demonstration of advances in aviation and aerospace, from the first powered flights to the newest innovations on Earth and in space.

Visitors can venture into five galleries comprising dozens of interactive displays. Exhibit-goers can ride to the edge of space in a simulated space elevator or test their own supersonic jet design in a virtual high-speed flying competition. A group flying experience with motion-sensing image capture helps visitors sense what it’s like to fly like a bird in a flock, while exploring the forces of flight.

Flight simulation, immersive theater, touch-table displays and augmented reality are examples of exhibit technology offering an experiential understanding of the scientific concepts behind flight.

Since the sky was never the limit, exhibit-goers will be able to:
• Design and test their own supersonic aircraft;
• Pilot a drone into the middle of a hurricane to collect storm data;
• Raise their wings to experience flying as if they were birds or a futuristic wing-flapping aircraft;
• Take the elevator to the edge of space.

What you need to know about the ABOVE AND BEYOND exhibition:
• 3.5 million people worldwide have already enjoyed this experience;
• The specialists who contributed to the development of the exhibition come from different areas, including: aviation, aerospace, history and archives, as well as engineers and designers;
• NASA is a collaborative partner of the project;
• It is being presented in renowned scientific centres and flight museums
• The ABOVE AND BEYOND tour is sponsored by Boeing. It was presented at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum (Washington DC), at the Saint Louis Science Center (Missouri), as well as at the National Maritime Museum (London) and at Scitech (Saudi Arabia) and more.

The exhibition is free and can be visited on the ground floor as well as on the first floor in Sun Plaza.