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10 years of Sun Plaza with EXTRA inspired moments from the future

24 Sep - 13 Oct
10:00 - 20:00
  • From September 24th to October 13th, Sun Plaza visitors will embark on a journey into the future, guided by immersive facilities specially designed both outside and inside the mall.
  • The subway access passage will be transformed into an art gallery through the works of Visual Playground artists
  • 10,000 euros and many other prizes are offered by Sun Plaza to visitors on the occasion of 10 year anniversary

If the first 10 years were a little different, on the anniversary, the Sun Plaza Shopping Center invites visitors to imagine what it will be like in 10 years from now. Starting from the concept of “Looking forward to the world 10 year from now”, Sun Plaza challenges visitors to travel into the future, to imagine and experience, through technology and artistic installations, what the universe they know will look like.

Seven immersive installations will build the imaginary circuit, between September 24 and October 13, starting with the main access points in Sun Plaza and continuing in various areas of the mall.

After the start marked by a 3D totem at the entrance, painted by the artists of the Visual Playground community, you will find distinct thematic installations that will build the experience step by step. Initially through the voices of some novelists, essayists and journalists from the Vice Romania editorial office, in an audio installation that will bring unpublished stories, then through the press, reading the news from a newspaper of the future. Articles of culture, news of the day, political or sports reality, all brought from the reality of 2030.

Maybe in the future, travel among the stars will be more accessible, but until then Sun Plaza offers the curious the opportunity to practice. In a sensory room with mirrored walls and ceiling, anyone will be able to feel like on a space trip. And for those who want to leave a message for the future, they can record it and send it from the specially arranged telephone booth.

Children are also invited to give free rein to their imagination. In a dedicated house, they will draw the future and their dreams will be translated into a creative video.

All activities will be carried out in compliance with safety measures, in the areas of facilities that require interaction. Participation is free.

Extra experience through art

After the artistic intervention made by the Austrian artist Peter Kogler in 2018 in the area of the passage that connects the Sun Plaza shopping center to the subway station, the 10 years aniversary continues to bring an extra experience through art, transforming this passage into an art gallery. Within the project you will be able to see the works of artists Diana Grigore, Andrasz Ferenczy, Alina Bohoru, Sorina Vazelina, Simina Popescu, Lidia Macovei, members of Visual Playground. The Visual Playground community includes, through its creators, a school of illustration and graphic design, as well as an alternative educational platform, which aims to develop the community of visual artists in the country. Click here to see the rules and regulations.

Extra moments and anniversary prizes

10 years of Sun Plaza brings anniversary prizes. Visitors can enter the race for the grand prize of 10,000 euros or one of the gadgets inspired by the future. These are granted by drawing lots, for purchases of at least 300 lei, from any of the stores in Sun Plaza, on a single receipt or on several receipts deposited at Info Point.

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