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15 Apr - 27 May

12 Years of Sun Plaza – Anniversary with EXTRA atmosphere, no limits!


Huge planets, space shuttles, space shows and VR travels through the Universe! This is how the 12th anniversary of the Sun Plaza shopping center can be described.

From April 15 to May 27, all visitors are invited to take part in an “Anniversary with EXTRA atmosphere, no limits!” Together we celebrate 12 years of Sun Plaza with a sensational trip to the Cosmos!

The solar system is now closer!

This year, on the anniversary, everyone can take part in the cosmic celebration, discovering every corner of the galaxy in the Sun Plaza sensational universe.

Under the dome of the extraterrestrial anniversary, for six weeks, customers are expected to discover a spectacular exhibition of the solar system.

The main attractions are the gigantic Earth, with an impressive size of 6 meters, which will be located on the South Esplanade, in front of the main entrance.

The largest satellite in the solar system, Luna, with a diameter of 5 meters, will be found in an oversized 3D shape in Sun Plaza, on the 1st floor, in the restaurant area.

The solar system can be seen up close on the 1st floor, the central area, where the sun and the 8 planets will be exposed to height.

Also here will be present the Exhibition of the Astronomical Institute, where telescopes and computing instruments owned by the Astroclub Bucharest, can be viewed.

The VR simulator in the same area brings closer the excitement of space exploration. A world that defies gravity is waiting to be discovered.

The Lego ground floor exhibit kicks off creative launches, representing some of the most famous shuttles in the history of space exploration.

“We are glad that after this period of insecurity we have the chance to celebrate with our community, the people who have crossed our threshold for so many years and who have been with us from the beginning. This year’s anniversary comes at a time when we really wanted to be close to them and we wanted to prepare something truly spectacular for them, “said the Sun Plaza representative.


Raffle with 12 cosmic shopping sessions

As every year, the surprises continue at Sun Plaza, and on the occasion of the anniversary we prepared 12 shopping sessions of 1200 RON each. Between April 17 and May 27, the registration of the participants at Info Point for a shopping voucher of at least RON 120, from that day, represents the entry in the raffle race.

Find out more details and the regulations on

“Neatza” is coming to Sun Plaza de Florii!

And as the best news is always said at the end, on Flowers on April 17, from the dawn of the morning, the presenters of the most beloved morning: Răzvan, Dani, Ristei, Ramona, Diana, Bianca, Ilona, ​​Cuza and Nicolai come to Sun Plaza to celebrate 12 years together! Because YES, the “Super Neatza Weekend” show is moving to Sun Plaza!

So everyone is expected to take part in games, fun and good cheer!

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