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Sun Talks: free seminars with Ada Gales and Oana Pellea

28 Aug - 4 Sep

Ada Gales and Oana Pellea will talk in this edition about femininity, courage and love in their many shapes and sizes. The “Sun Talks” seminars have reached their fifteenth edition, are free and take place in Sun Plaza. Click here to sign up !

The theme of this edition is “Extraordinary in Knowledge and is dedicated to all women who still do not know what unsuspected strength, huge, hiding beyond the fragile appearance. To those who want to understand and accept that being a woman is not a weakness, but a privilege and an asset. To those who need an impetus to move forward despite any grievances and obstacles, discovering the courage in them, in latent form. And to those who, exploring their inner universe, will discover that their beauty does not lie in the patterns set by people but in the uniqueness of each one, which they must begin to love.

On August 28, from 11.00, Ada Galeș will speak during the workshop “About accepting the body and unconditional love about how to get over what displeases you, helping you to look at yourself with different eyes and to love yourself as you need and deserve.

Ada Galeș is an actress, accredited personal development advisor and, more recently, entrepreneur. Lately, after realizing that she has an unresolved issue with her own person, Ada Galeș started a courageous approach: that of posting on social media photos in which she shows her body as it is.

I believe that everyone can get anywhere with their body and I support the efforts of each person. At the same time, what I am trying to do is to offer, through my example, a gentle perspective to look at. I think the only possible change comes only when we feel safe, “said the actress in an interview. “We are beautiful just because we exist. This life is a miracle. The ability to live beautifully is in us and for me it is in compassion for ourselves “, she also declared.

On September 4, from 11.00 , Oana Pellea will talk about femininity and courage, notions that might seem to be in antithesis, when in reality they are a happy complement .
Yes, I am a serene man. But this serenity comes as a lesson to all my life experiences. A life that taught me that happiness is, in fact, a personal choice, that we can change whatever we want to change, that it is in our power to do it, to live as we choose to live. I have chosen to be a happy man, and the first step to this happiness is serenity. When you reconcile with yourself, you actually reconcile with life, with the world around you. And I believe that every day of our lives must be lived to the fullest, like a holiday, ” says Oana Pellea .

Both seminars take place at Sun Plaza, in the central area on the 1st floor.
Participation is free, but registration is required by filling out the online form at . Also, on the day of the event, registrants are asked to come a quarter of an hour before it starts in order to register.
Both seminars will be broadcast live on Facebook .

At events, Sun Plaza ensures compliance with safety measures, disinfection of the space and keeping the recommended distance between the seats. Protective masks will need to be worn throughout the seminars

Sun Talks are seminars created, organized and hosted by Sun Guard. The topics of discussion are chosen by Sun Plaza customers and have been, over time, from nutrition to astrology, from beauty to fashion and even wedding planning. Speakers so far included Ioana Macoveiciuc, Melania Medeleanu, Mirela Vescan, Mihaela Bilic, Ligia Pop, Lena Criveanu, Ovidiu Buta, Ana Morodan, Adela Pârvu, Răzvan Pascu, Simona Tivadar, Andrei Roșu, Dan Cristea, Otilia Mantelers, Tedy Nicula and Adelina Toncean.

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