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Super Things, T-Racers and Kooky Loos

1 Jun - 25 Jun

From June 1-25, 2023, kids are welcomed by Super Things, T-Racers and Kooky Loos at the mall for a range of activities from creative workshops, competitions with special prizes, to face painting and interaction with entertainers in all 3 zones.

“In the month dedicated to children, we bring to SUN PLAZA, for the first time, the universe of Super Things, T-Racers and Kooky Loos. These toys are loved by children all over the world, and the concepts behind their development emphasize education, interactivity, imagination and dexterity. On June 1st we will have special activities in the mall, but the fun will continue until June 25th.” – declares Irina Studineanu, Deputy Center Manager of SUN PLAZA


Super Things perform in SUN PLAZA! Children are waiting for a Super Adventure with the Enigma mascot

These toys are popular all over the world and the concept of the collection is to create a rich and imaginative world that appeals to children’s natural curiosity and desire for adventure.

The toy line consists of a diverse range of collectibles, including small, brightly colored figurines. Each character is designed with a unique personality and superpower that inspires children to create their own characters, stories and adventures, promoting creativity and imaginative play. Characters are grouped into rival teams and encourage a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition between collectors. Some figures are limited edition so kids can trade and interact.

T-Racers Zone, high-speed fun, thrilling races and contests

T-Racers is an innovative brand of customizable toy cars designed for kids who love speed, creativity and adventure. T-Racers offers a unique range of high-quality modular vehicles that inspire kids to mix and match components, giving them the freedom to create their own racing car dream. Each toy is designed with interchangeable parts, including body parts, wheels, spoilers, engines and decals.

This flexible design allows children to easily change parts, resulting in an unlimited number of new toys. Also, while building their cars, they can develop dexterity and fine motor skills, making the T-Racers experience fun and educational. The miniature vehicles are inspired by various styles and genres of automobiles, such as sports cars, off-road vehicles, rally cars and futuristic concept cars.

At the Kooky Loos area, children have the opportunity to explore their imaginations, engaging in fun and entertaining games that honor the whimsical nature of the characters.

Kooky Loos dolls with changeable facial expressions offer an interactive play style, an educational experience that encourages the development of emotional intelligence and empathy among children. Each doll has a special mechanism that allows children to easily change its facial expression, allowing the doll to display various emotions such as happiness, sadness, surprise, anger, etc. This feature encourages children to engage in more dynamic activities and interactive play experiences.

Kooky Loos Dolls are in a wide range of dolls that represent various ethnicities, cultures and abilities, teaching children to appreciate and respect diversity.

Complete schedule here

Between June 1 and 25, children will be able to participate in activities from Monday to Friday for 2 hours, and on weekends, for 6 hours. Entry is free.

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