Sun Plaza Shopping Center

Sun Plaza – Destinație de senzație  – 170 de magazine, zona dedicată food & fun cu acces facil


Etajul 1

With unceasing care for the needs of those who cross the threshold, with enthusiasm and attention to the smallest detail, we are in continuous transformation. On the idea of diversity in unity, the nucleus Marty is built as a nucleus that brings together tastes from all over the world in rich and unique combinations.

Caring, trustworthy and full of energy, we promise to always be a pleasant company, we openly commit ourselves to treating each client, each time, through impeccable service and constant attention to detail, and respond to all requirements promptly and professionalism.

We leave ourselves driven by passion and have the courage to face the costs, the quality and the full satisfaction of those who cross the threshold, we prepare our own coffee with skill, invent new dishes every week and first of all we search, day by day to self-serve, serving exceptional food in a constant and correct way, in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, where the smiles are always on the side of the house.

  • ATM
  • Lift
  • Parcare
  • Scara Rulanta
  • Taxi
  • Toaleta
  • Travelator

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