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STIL Diamonds took shape after two major Romanian brands merged, namely STIL and Exquisite Diamonds. Putting together the tradition and experience of 30 years of STIL Jewelry and the creative vision and refinement of Exquisite Diamonds, the result is a company that has taken over and is carrying forward the best of both worlds.
At the intersection of tradition, history, craftsmanship, creativity and luxury, appeared STIL Diamonds, a jewelry retailer and manufacturer that comes to reveal to Romanians and customers everywhere timeless, yet contemporary, elegant, yet easy to wear pieces and, not in last line, simple in their complexity.
The artist-jewelers at STIL Diamonds think and design each piece in detail, whether it’s a solitaire engagement ring with a princess cut diamond or a tennis bracelet, whose gemstones are inspired by the hues of the rainbow after the storm , or a pair of sophisticated earrings encrusted with precious stones, with an exclusive design. Everything is possible when it comes to STIL Diamonds jewelry, especially since the imagination of the creators of each piece has no boundaries.
The STIL workshop combines the traditional methods of making gold jewelry with procedures that involve the use of state-of-the-art equipment. They help to obtain premium finishes in a short time, thus focusing the attention and efforts of the specialists on the area of creation and innovation.
The Exquisite jewelry collections complete the story of STIL Diamonds with their preciousness and uniqueness, representing the evolution and innovation framework of the jewelry brand: natural precious stones from all corners of the world, unique design and handmade creations, in the own workshop, in Râmnicu Vâlcea.
Since 2017, the company has received the title of Official Supplier of the Royal House of Romania, offered by Her Royal Highness Princess Margareta. This is yet another proof that STIL Diamonds represents an incursion into a magical universe, defined by intense colors and sparkles.

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