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Sun Plaza – Destinație de senzație  – 170 de magazine, zona dedicată food & fun cu acces facil

You have 500,000 reasons to get to Sun Plaza on November 16th!

16 Nov - 16 Nov
South Esplanade

Did you know that the largest indoor indoor installation in Europe is in Bucharest? It has over 500.000 beacons, it is in Sun Plaza and will be lit on November 16th!

The event gathers a lot of people, parents with children, adolescents and young lovers. By the time the 500,000 lights are lit, you’ll get an adrenaline aperitif: Globe of Death! Three motorcycle acrobats will enter a globe of steel to defy the laws of physics by shifting speed. Infernal Varanne is one of the bands who ventures to do that and comes to Bucharest for a mad courageous demonstration that will leave you breathless.

The event also includes two concerts – CTC for all teenagers crazed after hip hop and VUNK for all the lovers.

You have 500,000 reasons and three memorable moments for November 16 . The event begins at 19.00 , and Shurubel, which will be MC, will announce the moments in this order: Infernal Varanne, CTC concert, Christmas lights and, finally, the VUNK concert.
And if you go there, get looking for the Christmas presents. At Sun Plaza it is already snowing with offers!