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On our National Day, we honor the exceptional women of Romania

26 Nov - 6 Dec
1st Floor

Sun Plaza adheres to the Romanian women’s celebration project and brings to its visitors the “Women on Banknotes” initiative. The project initiated by Janina Nectara, which grew in the online environment, will be on December 1 in the shopping center in the form of an exhibition that includes the presentation of 7 of the country’s 100 outstanding women included in the project, the most voted by the  online community.

Romania has, in its history, extraordinary women, with revolutionary achievements and actions that have won world premieres, world records or exceptional distinctions. Among the remarkable figures whose stories will come to life in Sun Plaza are: Elena Romanescu-Alistar, Lola Bobescu, Smaranda Brăescu, Iolanda Balaş-Sotter, Anita Nandriş-Cudla, Elena Puşcariu-Densusianu, Queen Maria.

The 7 extraordinary ladies come from different regions of the country and have contributed to the development of society and of various fields. Through indisputable merits, it could at any time be honored by including on one of our banknotes, and the project proposes this paradigm shift.

The Sun Plaza initiative on the occasion of the Centenary will also include activations among visitors, to increase the interaction and the interest to vote on the site the preferred figures from the presented ones. Thus, those who vote receive a banknote with the face of the 7 women, and can buy with it objects specific to the National Day, from the Info Point on the 1st floor of the shopping center.

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