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Red is the new green with our new charging stations

7 Dec - 30 Jun

Sun Plaza in partnership with Renovatio e-charge opens 19 charging stations for electric cars, the most stations found in a shopping center in Bucharest

The Sun Plaza shopping center in Bucharest, in partnership with Renovatio e-charge, opened on December 7, 2021 19 e-charge stations, which can charge 20 electric cars simultaneously. Thus, Sun Plaza becomes the shopping center with the most e-charge charging stations in Bucharest.

The power stations are located in the underground parking lot of the shopping center, at minus 2 (-2), on the red color, close to the exit that connects with Calea Văcărești Boulevard.

Another premiere is the fast charge e-charge station, which can load cars with a power of up to 75kw, the first of its kind in a mall.

Types of charging stations available in Sun Plaza:

There are three types of charging stations for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, located in the underground parking lot, in red:

16 AC charging stations, each with a charging power of up to 22kW (medium charge), 8 stations with type 2 socket and 8 stations with type 2 cable.
1 75kW fast charge station with 1x CCS / 1x ChaDeMo socket. Both connectors can be used in parallel in use.
2 50kW fast-charge DC charging stations with 1x CCS / 1x ChaDeMo socket.

“We believe that the future will be increasingly focused on innovative technologies, with a positive impact on the environment. Fortunately, ecological means of transport have become increasingly popular, which is why the partnership with Renovatio, Romania’s largest network of electric car charging stations, is a natural endeavor that helps us improve the shopping experience of customers who own cars. electric or plug-in hybrid. We want to encourage sustainable transportation and reduce our carbon footprint, and we are constantly striving to bring modern solutions to our community. ” – Sun Plaza representatives pointed out.

Charging stations are permanently available in the mall’s operating hours.

Sun Plaza charging stations can be used via e-charge. – The e-charge application allows the control of the charging station (start / stop) directly from the mobile phone, the display of information about the status of the station in real time (free / busy / defective), location information and the connection with navigation applications to arrives at the location. The ticketing system of the application allows the sending of messages directly to the responsible person within the company. The application is available in GooglePlay or AppStore.

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