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Sun Plaza Shopping Center

Sun Plaza – Destinație de senzație  – 170 de magazine, zona dedicată food & fun cu acces facil

SUN PLAZA Shopping Center celebrates 13 lucky year

13 May - 18 Jun

The SUN PLAZA shopping center in Bucharest celebrates 13 years since its opening and celebrates this festive moment through a series of lucky activities, which will take place between May 13 and June 18. The concept of this year’s anniversary is built around the number 13 and is inspired by the most popular superstitions.
“Although the number 13 doesn’t have the best reputation for being considered unlucky, for this year’s anniversary we wanted to celebrate it by being inspired by the superstitions people associate with bad luck. For us, this anniversary moment is lucky, we are glad that SUN PLAZA has become a landmark for the south of the Capital, becoming both a favorite shopping destination and a place to spend free time. Since the opening, every year we have had many activities for our customers, from concerts, to fairs, unique exhibitions, premiered for the public in Romania, even festivals, but also social responsibility activities, aimed at bringing a change in good for the sector 4 community and beyond. We look to the future with many plans and surprises, and on May 13 we invite you to start the anniversary together with a memorable concert! ”
The Wolves of Calancea, free live concert
Urban folklore rises in the south with a show commensurate with Sun Plaza’s 13th anniversary. Calancea’s Wolves take the stage on the lucky day of May 13, at 5:00 p.m., on the South Esplanade of the shopping center.
In the opening will be Magitot, who will delight the audience with moments of magic, the atmosphere will be maintained by Alex Muntean, and the event will end with the famous moment of the cake.
Corner of the 3 riddles & photo booth
Also on May 13, between 15:00 and 20:00, on the ground floor, in the central area, three actresses will play the role of fortune tellers who will read in books, palms and crystal balls, about how you can have a written shopping experience in the stars
In addition, throughout the day, in the Sun Atrium, visitors will have the opportunity to take pictures in a photo booth with lucky props.
Exhibition of Romanian superstitions
This is divided into two main categories, giant sets and an A.I photo exhibition.
The exhibition can be seen daily, between May 13 and June 18, from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
The most popular Romanian superstitions will be brought to life through impressive props, which customers will be able to enjoy, both on the ground floor and on level -1 of the shopping center.
On the 1st floor, all the superstitions in the Romanian collective mind related to the number 13 will take shape in a photo exhibition generated by artificial intelligence.
Black is lucky, especially if it has fur and paws
From May 13 to 21, the Hope Association for the protection of animals will be present in the shopping center because black cats and dogs have the lowest adoption rate. Thus, the Hope Association and SUN PLAZA aim to dispel this myth, because black is lucky, especially if it has fur and paws. The stories of these animals will be revealed on SUN PLAZA’s Social Media channels, Facebook and Instagram, with the aim of finding them a new home. For those who want to bring a touch of luck into the lives of stray animals, they can do so by donating directly to the specially arranged urn on the ground floor of the shopping center.
At SUN PLAZA any lottery is lucky!
As on every anniversary there are gifts, customers will receive a lottery ticket inside which they will find a guaranteed prize for the day. All they have to do is buy a minimum of 130 lei on a single tax receipt. An exception will be purchases from Cora, Leroy Merlin, Altex, Flanco and Bebe Tei stores, where the voucher must be worth at least 400 lei.
The campaign is valid from May 13-31, and registration is done at the Information desk, on the 1st floor.

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