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Sun Plaza Shopping Center

Sun Plaza – Destinație de senzație  – 170 de magazine, zona dedicată food & fun cu acces facil

Sun Talks: free seminars with Ana Stear and Sorin Onisor

10 Oct - 26 Oct
1st Floor
11:00 - 13:00

This fall, Ana Stear and Sorin Onisor will teach you how to find the motivation to go beyond yourself and live the life you want. Sun Talks seminars have reached the twelfth edition, are free and are held in Sun Plaza.
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The theme for this autumn – “Knowledge looks different, a little unexpected” refers to our desire to overcome, by finding that motivation that leads us to the realization of dreams. We all want a lot from life, but sometimes we lack motivation and perseverance. Designer Ana Stear and photographer Sorin Onisor are an inspiration and can guide you through the steps to living beautifully, as you dream.
You will learn from one of the best interior designers how to give your home that restorative power you need for a strong psychic and a balanced life. This is what Ana Stear teaches us during the seminar “Surprise the beauty of your home!” On October 19, at 11:00.

Sorin Onisor is a well-known and award-winning photographer in Romania, being named “the photographer of the Romanian village”. For more than 12 years, he has been wandering through Romanian villages. He crossed the country, from scattered mountain villages, in hilly regions and settlements in the Danube Delta, capturing in his photographs the magic of long lost traditions. For him, every photo hides a story that is joyful to his heart and that surprises him in the smallest detail, managing to awaken so many beautiful things in people’s souls. His photos take you out of your daily routine and point you towards simplicity. This is what Sorin Onisor teaches us during the seminar “Exhibit the stories in the pictures!” From October 26, at 11:00.

Both seminars take place from 11.00 to 13.00, in Sun Plaza, on the first floor, in front of Marty restaurant. Admission is free, but you must register by completing the form here, for each seminar:

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