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Sun Talks: free seminars with Andrei Vulpescu and Oana Nicolau

12 Mar - 19 Mar

Sun Talks about happiness in a couple, with Andrei Vulpescu and Oana Nicolau

Andrei Vulpescu and Oana Nicolau are talking this spring at Sun Plaza about how to build a healthy and happy couple relationship.

The Sun Talks seminars, organized by the Sun Plaza shopping center, have reached their 16th edition, and participation is free. This spring’s theme is “Happiness for two with extra understanding” comes at a time when relationships have been put to the test by the pandemic, but also by the fact that no one has taught us what to do to have and keep a healthy and balanced couple relationship.

On March 12, at 11:00, Andrei Vulpescu will speak at the workshop “Healthy relationships, not perfect ones!” about the fact that the couple needs two partners who support each other, listen to each other, are interested in each other’s needs and desires, but also know how to manage differences of opinion. Andrei says that “there are no perfect relationships, only relationships that are built and maintained, cultivated, if you will, like a garden. If you take care of her, she looks great, and the people who pass by her stop and admire her. Therefore, among the many things you can do and say during the webinar, one of them is to ask yourself every morning, every day, what can you do better for your relationship? ”

Andrei Vulpescu is a journalist, writer, artist, relationship blogger and training therapist. He is also one of the most appreciated Romanian personal development authors. His books have sold over 50,000 copies.

On March 19, at 11:00, Oana Nicolau will address the topic “Me, You and our relationship – how do we make sure everyone is happy?” and will provide participants with useful information about the path to a fulfilling life with the person they love.

“I strongly believe in love and relationships. Lifelong love exists when each of us works for our own happiness and that of the other. The years of study have taught me how to name the complex situations in a couple’s journey and how to deal with the set of difficulties, so as to reach a meaningful thread, which leads to a healthy relationship, full of love, “says Oana Nicolau .

Oana Nicolau is a couple, family psychotherapist and psychosexologist. He is the co-founder of the clinic Oana Nicolau and the author of the book “A de la Armonie”. Oana Nicolau is also one of the four specialists in the matrimonial show “Married for the unseen”.

Both seminars take place at Sun Plaza, in the central area on the 1st floor.
Participation is free, but registration is required by filling out the online form at . Also, on the day of the event, registrants are asked to come a quarter of an hour before it starts in order to register.
Both seminars will be broadcast live on Facebook .

At events, Sun Plaza ensures that safety measures are observed, that the space is disinfected and that the recommended distance between the seats is maintained. Protective masks will need to be worn throughout the seminar.

Sun Talks are seminars created, organized and hosted by Sun Plaza. The topics of discussion are chosen by Sun Plaza customers and have been, over time, from nutrition to astrology, from beauty to fashion and even wedding planning.


Speakers so far included Oana Pellea, Ada Galeș, Ioana Macoveiciuc, Melania Medeleanu, Mirela Vescan, Mihaela Bilic, Ligia Pop, Lena Criveanu, Ovidiu Buta, Ana Morodan, Adela Pârvu, Răzvan Pascu, Simona Tivadar, Andrei Roșu, Dan Cristea, Otilia Mantelers, Tedy Nicula and Adelina Toncean.


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