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In Sunny City you learn the secrets of a hairstylist

27 Oct - 28 Oct
Etajul 1
16:00 - 20:00

On October 27 and 28, we are expecting Sun Plaza, starting at 16:00, to discover together the secrets of the hairstylist craft. All the fun is happening in the Sunny City salon, where you will find everything in a real salon: hairstyle, hair styling accessories, protection socks and even a doll bust to practice!

You will find that hairstyling is not just a technical activity, it also requires an artistic side. In addition, it is team work between the client and the professional, so it is very important to know how to listen and understand the wishes of the person in front of you. Sunny, the most affectionate dragon, will be around you all this time.

Our friends, dolphy barbers, will be with us at 18:00, when they will make a 30-minute demonstration of the hairstyle art. During the process, they will give us all the explanations we need. And if you want to get your hair on their hand you can find them anytime ready for action on the 1st floor in Sun Plaza.

* Activities are for children aged 4-12.
* The duration of an interactive game session is 30 minutes.

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