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Hungry Sharks

Hungry Sharks /

In its new work “Hidden in Plain Sight”, the dance company Hungry Sharks combines the elements of urban dance like a puzzle. The 12 dancers repeat series of movements, inviting the discovery of interrelationships. The dance sequences thus function as a metaphor for interpersonal relations and social changes. Amongst other things, the idea for this piece stem from motifs from the 1980 Oscar-winning short film “Tango” by the Polish director Zbigniew Rybczyński. The piece develops in line with choreographic elements designed to make the audience understand the importance of impulses from other people.

In individual scenes, the entire performance “moves” through the entrance area and the new wing of Sun Plaza. The audience is invited to follow the dancers and thus explore the architecture in an unusual manner.

In a workshop, visitors to Sun Plaza have the opportunity to experiment with their own moves, in september 2018, under the direction of the professional dancers from the dance company Hungry Sharks. This is a chance for everyone to become familiar with the moves and patterns of urban dance, learning from great teachers and using the areas of the shopping mall to try out their dancing skills.

The urban dance company Hungry Sharks was founded in 2011 by the choreographer Valentin Alfery and the producer Duŝana Baltić. The company regularly produces full evening, urban dance pieces and performs internationally, with the goal of establishing the style of urban dance in theatre. They have performed in Austria, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Croatia, and Romania.


Founded in 1984, ImPulsTanz has developed into one of the most important festivals for contemporary dance. Thousands of professional dancers, choreographers and instructors from around the world meet, work together, and celebrate contemporary dance every summer for five full weeks in Vienna.

ImPulsTanz means performances, workshops, research projects, and social programmes. It is a meeting place for contemporary dance by international choreographers and ground-breaking productions by new-comers, who have found a place in the series [8:tension] Young Choreographers’ Series. At the workshops, every year several thousand participants ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals take the opportunity to learn about all aspects of dance from international instructors.