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Manuel Gorkiewicz

Manuel Gorkiewicz

The artist Manuel Gorkiewicz suspends 172 balloons in space. The letters are hung in rows next to each other and arranged as part of a text: but the symbols do not make sense in any language, as the shiny foil balloons show a coded message. After some time the individual letters are replaced by the original symbols. As a result, the artwork is decoded and reveals a quote by the Austrian architect and urban planner Victor Gruen, who built the first shopping centre near Detroit in the 1950s.

Manuel Gorkiewicz frequently works with materials which resemble party decorations.

His temporary installations use garlands and balloons and reference the day-to-day advertising industry.

Location: Orange Plaza

Despre artist:

The art of Manuel Gorkiewicz uses the materials of the advertising industry and party culture. His works recall the consumer society and function as a sort of mimicry. Gorkiewicz places his art, which at first glance often appears to be decoration, in our daily lives. The place of presentation is often part of a temporary installation and the art, the observer, and the space are integrally related to each other as boundaries disappear.

Born in 1976 in Graz, this Austrian artist lives and works in Vienna.