Sun Plaza Shopping Center

Sun Plaza – Destinație de senzație  – 170 de magazine, zona dedicată food & fun cu acces facil

Peter Kogler

Peter Kogler

Austrian multi-media artist Peter Kogler has two works on display at Sun Plaza.

In his spatial wall installation, innumerable black lines run next to each other, merging and diverging. When walking by, it feels like you are in a flowing system, as the surrounding architecture becomes dynamic and imparts a sense of motion. Visitors find themselves in the middle of a graphic structure, incorporated into the work of art.

Location: Underground passage -1

In the tornado, the second work by Peter Kogler, the lines of light move vertically in the room. The installation is over 18 metres tall and forms a cyclone, which draws visitors’ gaze to the heights.

This massive glowing sculpture is oriented like a funnel around an axis and consequently centres the entire space. The staircase as a connection between above and below can be seen even before it is used. The boundaries between the visitor, the art, and the space become fluid.

Location: Blue Atrium, main entrance

About artist:

The multi-media artist Peter Kogler has enjoyed great success with his computer-generated artworks since the 1980s. Works by this two-time Dokumenta participant are featured in renowned collections and museums, as well as in public spaces.

He explores concepts such as repetition and modularity, using motifs such as ants, rats, tube systems, and labyrinths. The projections and spatial installations alter observers’ perception of architecture, which serves as the base medium for his art.

Peter Kogler lives and works in Vienna.